Reflections on Education and what it means to Prepare Kids for their World

Book Revisit 007 – Secret Agents

It is only appropriate that the number 007 in the Book Revisit posts should be dedicated to Secret Agents. Here are three different “Secret Agent” types of series which we have loved a the Learning Lab. Secret Agent Jack Stalwart... Continue Reading →


Five Things I would Have Told Myself

When we embarked into this journey of Home schooling; I only managed to find a few books written on this subject. They were helpful in someways but very much context specific; referring to either an culture or education system remotely... Continue Reading →

Appreciating Languages

We love languages at the Learning Lab. Apart from having many bilingual homeschooling friends from around the globe; we are also surrounded by different languages in Southeast Asia. When we visit Singapore for example, the announcements made on the MRT... Continue Reading →

Oh! My English!

We recently just completed a module on Shakespeare for LMW's KS3 course which he did thoroughly enjoyed doing - much to to my surprise as I had not looked forward to that module. It was on a play that I... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Skills from Learning Lab’s Notes

I cannot believe that we are at this point of our journey at the Learning Lab. The memories of starting our Home Ed journey is still fresh in my mind but as I glance to my left and right I... Continue Reading →

Book Revisit 006 – Leaf Trouble by Jonathan Emmett & Caroline Jayne Church

It is green all year round in this part of the world but we are mindful that for family and friends in the Northern Hemisphere Autumn has come. Leaf Trouble is book I bought for JMW so we could remind... Continue Reading →

Book Revisit 005 – Meerkat Mail by Emily Gravett

We love animals at the Learning Lab. This lovely book on Sunny the Meerkat continues to make us smile. The beautiful illustrations of the postcards Sunny sends back to his family while on his search for the 'Perfect' Home is... Continue Reading →

Home Education and Socialization

In the early years of our Home Schooling journey, more often than not; I found myself being posed the question "what about the social needs of children? They would not have the chance to interact with their peers if they... Continue Reading →

Home Educating in the Digital Age

Online Education was always something I knew my children would progress into when we started homeschooling during the primary years. I had watched Salman Khan, the voice behind Khan Academy lessons on a Ted Talk video and learnt about the... Continue Reading →

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