Reflections on Education and what it means to Prepare Kids for their World

Book Revisit 008 – My kind of Princesses

I am outnumbered in our Household. I am outnumbered - 3 to 1 in terms with three males. I used to get grins from Granddads in public places as they watched me 'round up' my energetic under 5s. Now I... Continue Reading →



I love technology. I love the fact that we can do Online Homeschooling while living in the Tropics. I love the fact that my kids can stay connected with relatives and friends from various continents. I love the fact that... Continue Reading →

Igniting and Fanning the Flame

Living in the tropics, we can BBQ all year round! I used to be fascinated as a child watching a spark light up a charcoal on a BBQ pit. It takes time. Cooking of the meat cannot be done immediately... Continue Reading →

Maths and Marmite

A few years ago the producers of Marmite - a spread which has been one existence for more than a 100 years launched a marketing campaign in the UK - Love it or Hate it. It played on the fact... Continue Reading →

Reimagining Education

My hope in Education is renewed. This post is sparked by the above picture my children shared which my children shared with me. “MUM, you are going to like this.” They clearly understand how I view Education. It is more... Continue Reading →

Home Educating in a Foreign Land

There has been a lot of interest lately on families who chosen to do World Schooling - families who have given up jobs and homes to travel the world for a specific period of time. We don’t quite fit in... Continue Reading →

Learning Resources for Home Schooling Digital Natives

The only exams LM&JMW have taken tests they took while attending part time at the local primary school some years ago and a Music exam. There was no pressure on them during those occasions as we were relatively laid back... Continue Reading →

Book Revisit 007 – Secret Agents

It is only appropriate that the number 007 in the Book Revisit posts should be dedicated to Secret Agents. Here are three different “Secret Agent” types of series which we have loved a the Learning Lab. Secret Agent Jack Stalwart... Continue Reading →

Five Things I would Have Told Myself

When we embarked into this journey of Home schooling; I only managed to find a few books written on this subject. They were helpful in someways but very much context specific; referring to either an culture or education system remotely... Continue Reading →

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