September 2017 – updated

At Learning Lab we believe that learning is for life and that it begins at Home.

We are a British-Asian Home Educating family living in Tropical SE Asia. About four years ago, the kids thought it would be cool to give our homeschool a name. They came up with ‘Learning Lab – The Awesome Academy’.

We had a special time talking about a name for our Home School as we thought about why we do what we do. I think that whole process was significant for us all. I also think the kids were going through a process of transition from being part of a school system (whilst doing flexi Homeschooling)  to full time Home Educating. Having a name helped give them a sense of belonging just as going to school did for them.

The name does not have much significance for them now, but I am glad that the value of learning is very much owned by them.  While aged 10, JMW  declared “I like learning. It’s like going on an adventure discoverying things everyday.”  I have chosen to continue using the name Learning Lab as the name of the blog of our Homeschooling Journey.  Thinking of it reminds me of the fact that it is a name my kids chose.  They chose to call it Learning Lab – The Awesome Academy  when they were less than 10 years old.  That is what I think the ideal environment for learning is – OWNERSHIP.    Acquiring knowledge because that is what one desires and enjoys.

Here you will find various reflections as well as articles and sites on topics which matter to us at the Learning Lab. Although we have chosen to home educate, it does not mean we do not value other forms of education. Evey child and family context is unique. My husband and I were never homeschooled. Many educators around the world are doing their best to teach children under their charge. Our journey into homeschooling has been enriched by wonderful resources written by various experts in the area of education. Why reinvent the wheel when you can ‘hitch’ a ride?

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