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Book Revisit 007 – Secret Agents

It is only appropriate that the number 007 in the Book Revisit posts should be dedicated to Secret Agents. Here are three different “Secret Agent” types of series which we have loved a the Learning Lab. Secret Agent Jack Stalwart... Continue Reading →


Learning is for Life and it Begins at Home

Homeschooling has it's perks. No uniform to iron, minimum hair length to adhere to and no school runs. For my kids it's probably being able to sleep more in the mornings, reading comics during break time and having snacks in... Continue Reading →

Digital Resilience

Raising children in this phase of the Digital Age requires a lot of creative parenting skills. The fact is Technology is not just Addictive but Attractive. Let's face it, for kids playing Minecraft is certainly much more engaging than doing... Continue Reading →

Singapore Maths – Our Journey

I have strong memories of one of my first Maths lessons in primary school. In front of me were all these sum which I did not have a clue what they meant. Seated next to me was a classmate who... Continue Reading →

Teens’ Quest for Learning

"Within the tumult of pre-teens or teens is an opportunity to enhance their desire and interest to learn." Emmeline Zhao We are in the season of pre-teen/teen at  the Learning Lab. Having done part-time and eventually full-time homeschooling, I have... Continue Reading →

The Myth of Average | Todd Rose | | TED-Ed

I believe in education. School, Unschool, Home School, Home Education.... There is no one size fits all solution. Although we have chosen to homeschool our kids, we still believe that schools as an institution meet a very real need in... Continue Reading →

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