Being British-Asian family living in Asia, we have had the opportunity to evaluate and synergise the educational philosophies of our backgrounds.

A few years ago when I was considering Home Schooling curriculum options, I asked a Singaporean friend who was a Mathematics Head of a primary school in Singapore to tell me what is do good about Singapore Maths he replied “You know the topics we learnt at secondary school like algebra…. well kids are learning how to  do similar sums by using models…”

I decided to have go at it. This same friend recommended books for us to use. I learnt together with my children. There were challenges but the benefits have far outweighed them.

The oldest is about to start Key Stage 3 next year with Wolsey-Hall Oxford. I am pleased to say that  I think think LMW is well prepared for the next stage….


Using Models to solve problems. Complexity of questions are gradually increased through the years.


A home made geoboard used for teaching area, perimeter n shapes.


Using Uno cards for discovering concept of surface area