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Book Revisit 006 – Leaf Trouble by Jonathan Emmett & Caroline Jayne Church

It is green all year round in this part of the world but we are mindful that for family and friends in the Northern Hemisphere Autumn has come. Leaf Trouble is book I bought for JMW so we could remind... Continue Reading →


Parents’ Guide: Year 10 Overview

In our latest blog series – ‘Year Overview’ – we help you get familiar with all the key topics your child will learn and the key skills they’ll improve in primary and … Source: Parents’ Guide: Year 10 Overview

Appreciating Poetry

We love poems at The Learning Lab. Rhymes and Rhythms were after part and parcel of their daily 'playlist' as they heard me sing Nursery Rhymes as we went about our daily activity. Part of their daily screen time then... Continue Reading →

International Day of Happiness

It's International Day of Happiness! Like any  parent,  not a day goes past without factoring in my kids happiness..... I am no different from a parent from parents who send their kids to school. The challenges are just different. I... Continue Reading →

GRIT for Kids

We were introduced to the concept of Growth vs Fixed Mindset in last December during a Home School reunion.  Basically a Growth Mindset is the tenacity to persevere through challenging situations. A Fixed Mindset gives up trying when faced with... Continue Reading →

Beyond Coding

In the quest to implement coding in education systems, its refreshing to see questions on equality and implications of this effort. "How are you teaching your young people to learn, think, create, and lead in a world transformed by ubiquitous... Continue Reading →

Forgiveness – A life skill easily forgotten

Preparing kids for their future goes beyond the academics.  Homeschooling gives me the privilege of integrating values significant to us as a family into what we read or learn about. There is a lot to despair about when we read... Continue Reading →

Every child is unique

For readers who have children who are just wired differently. I hope you will find this helpful.

Stress Management

I found Kelly McGonigal's TED talk on stress really helpful so I am thrilled she has done some research on helping young people manage stress as students. Home Schooling like in any part of life has its own set of... Continue Reading →

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