Reflections on Education and what it means to Prepare Kids for their World



Fun with Art

Experiencing creativity through Art during a Homeschool Art lesson.


Problem Solving Skills

Complex Probem Solving is said to be a skill which was in demand by prospective employers in 2015 and will comtinue to be in 2020. Check out The Future of Jobs. The challenge is for educators and parents is to... Continue Reading →

Making Time for Play

Lego is very much of the Learning Lab.ย  As we homeschool, free time in between lessons are really that FREE TIME and it is usually on building a lego scene like the one above. A child's imagination is such a... Continue Reading →

Why Play?

Childhood is such a precious period in a person's life. We know so much more about early childhood education now than ever before.ย  Yet at the same time we are being made increasingly aware of the state of children's eroding... Continue Reading →

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Making Maths Simple & Visual

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