Reflections on Education and what it means to Prepare Kids for their World



Oh! My English!

We recently just completed a module on Shakespeare for LMW's KS3 course which he did thoroughly enjoyed doing - much to to my surprise as I had not looked forward to that module. It was on a play that I... Continue Reading →


Book Revisit 006 – Leaf Trouble by Jonathan Emmett & Caroline Jayne Church

It is green all year round in this part of the world but we are mindful that for family and friends in the Northern Hemisphere Autumn has come. Leaf Trouble is book I bought for JMW so we could remind... Continue Reading →

Book Revisit 005 – Meerkat Mail by Emily Gravett

We love animals at the Learning Lab. This lovely book on Sunny the Meerkat continues to make us smile. The beautiful illustrations of the postcards Sunny sends back to his family while on his search for the 'Perfect' Home is... Continue Reading →

Book Revisit 004 – War Horse by Michael Morpurgo

I watched the film version by Steven Spielberg with the same title. It was such an engaging film that I just sat and watched the credits right up the end; thinking about the story. It was then I realised that... Continue Reading →

Book Revisit 003 – Harry’s Home by Catherine & Laurence Anholt

We found 'Harry's Home' amongst a pile of withdrawn books from our local library in the UK more than 10 years ago. This was one our favourites. It is a beautifully illustrated book which tells about Harry whose home is... Continue Reading →

Deconstructing Education

As a parent, I can't help but be passionate about Education. I don't mean just their academic qualifications but beyond that. They are after all 'not brain on sticks'; to quote Sir Ken Robinson whom I heard once during a... Continue Reading →

Book Revisit – 002

Engaging with someone different from oneself can be a daunting experience, but not for the main characters of Clive King's Barney and Stig in Stig of the Dump. Both come from different cultures, worlds and periods. Barney from the modern... Continue Reading →

Book Revisit 001 – ‘Katie in London’ by James Mathew

My mind and heart is full of fond memories of the many books my husband and I have read and re read over the years to our children. About a month ago LMW (13) politely told his Dad that perhaps... Continue Reading →

Appreciating History

What were History lessons like for you? Growing up in a developing and driven nation state as a student; meant that history as a subject was not a priority as other subjects compared to Literacy and Numeracy.  By the time... Continue Reading →

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