I watched the film version by Steven Spielberg with the same title. It was such an engaging film that I just sat and watched the credits right up the end; thinking about the story. It was then I realised that the film was based on a book.

We have a a number of Michael Morpurgo books on our shelf but this one is a personal favourite. I love the fact that this award winning writer and former Children’s Laureate has retold a very significant part of history through the eyes of a horse, Joey. While the film is targeted towards an older audience, War Horse is written for children who are able to read a short novel.

The theme of friendship between Joey and the people in his lives as experienced in his journey during the First World War has left a deep impression in my mind. It is a special way to for children to learn about the many lives; humans and horses which were sacrificed in a horrific time in history.