Maths is essential for daily living;  yet I grew up thinking of it as a challenging subject in my early years at primary school.

Homeschooling has given us the liberty to choose which curriculum to use. While we use a UK curriculum for English and Humanities in the primary years; we chose to do Singapore Maths. It took time and effort to understand the methodology but am satisfied with the good foundations it had given the children.  The oldest is in his first year of secondary school with a UK online Wolsey Hall Oxford and is enjoying Maths.

Maths can be challenging for some. There is a lot of encouraging research on this. Check out this site about allowing older kids to use their fingers to work out Maths problem.  Think you do not have a brain for Maths? Read this article.

Homeschooling has also meant we have deviated from prescribed curriculum depending on the needs of the learner.  Games are always much appreciated.  So playing matching pairs for Number Bonds made learning Maths less labourous.


Credit: I printed these from a website which I cannot remember and pasted them on cardboard.

We are currently enjoying a Math game set by Thinkfun called Math Dice. The application of all the basic Mathematical functions are applied in this game.  The functions applied could be limited of course for younger children.


There are many Multiplication Apps available. We love
10monkey Multiplication at the Learning Lab.

We have done Maths with ‘Sal‘ years ago. We revisited the site recently and we are exploring about the Maths Doodling and Computer Science.

Having learnt about Leonardo da Vinci through Museum visits, books the movie Mr Peabody and Sherman, they are aware of the role of Mathematics in Art. We have applied principles of symmetry in our Art lessons. For further ideas on this check out this beautiful site for inspiring activities by a creative Maths teacher.


We have had great fun solving a challenging riddle which required application of our mathematical skills. It’s amazing to have a myriad of resources available at one’s disposal. I am thankful for the flexibility Homeschooling as it allows us to employ different strategies to make learning a more exciting experience.