One of the challenges of homeschooling is to remember not to pass one’s biases regarding subjects onto the children.
My first introduction to Shakespeare was listening to a teacher read to us A Midsummer Night’s Dream, in a monotone voice, while sitting in a hot classroom. I was 13 and I did no have a clue what the story was all about.  Thankfully, I had better teachers in subsequent years and went onto to study The Merchant of Venice for my ‘O’ levels.  While I enjoyed the book, my appreciation for Shakespeare never went beyond the exam.

Determined not to allow history to repeat itself, so to speak, I introduced the children to Shakespeare pretty much early on with these simplified version of some of Shakespeare’s plays.


They are retold by Andrew Matthews and illustrated by Tony Ross. Fans of the Horrid Henry series  will recogise the Ross’ artistic style.

For more experienced readers,  the biography on William Shakespeare by Haydn Middleton makes an excellent read.


Apart from books, there are excellent Shakespeare related resources such as word search and quizes for children to enjoy.  To help appreciate Shakespeare as a writer check out this engaging Ted Ed clip.


To help children appreciate the structure of the globe theatre click here.   If you have a younger child it might help expanding the  printable in a larger size.