“Within the tumult of pre-teens or teens is an opportunity to enhance their desire and interest to learn.”
Emmeline Zhao


We are in the season of pre-teen/teen at  the Learning Lab. Having done part-time and eventually full-time homeschooling, I have journeyed with them in their education.

I have enjoyed the journey so far. It has been filled with a mixture of emotion – anxiety, joy, frustration, delight….

I loved the early years of shared reading, messy art, curious question etc. and wondered what these pre-teen and teen years would be like. 

Looking back at the recent months, I have to say it has been fascinating to see the continued sense of curiosity and wonder. Of course, there are challenges – but none that can’t be overcome with time and love.

Interestingly, recent research is pointing out that the optimal period of learning extends to the later years. Check out this article by Emmeline Zhao by clicking here. There is a fascinating talk by Sarah-Jayne Blakemore, Cognitive Neoroscientist on TED.

I recently did a quiz to see how much I knew about teens. I failed miserably on this quiz on understanding introverted teens but learnt quite a bit from doing it.

From what I have read so far and gleaned from the wisdom of parents who have gone before me; I think I need to embrace this stage as a gift to relish.

What do you think?