Complex Probem Solving is said to be a skill which was in demand by prospective employers in 2015 and will comtinue to be in 2020. Check out The Future of Jobs.

The challenge is for educators and parents is to provide children with opportunities to practice their problem solving skills; using the knowledge they possess.

I have watched my children progress in this area through the years. From shape sorting blocks, to wooden bricks to Duplo, Lego and games by THINK FUN and  GAMEWRIGHT.


Formally, we worked through Singapore Maths  Primary books. The scaffolding in the curriculum and problem solving type of questions exposed them to an array of perspectives in approaching a given problem.

I was delighted to find the following riddle to solve in

I think the creativity in the presentation of the problem to solve is engaging. The solution to the problem involves applying fundamental Mathematical principles. It gives a sense a greater purpose to learning these principles rather than knowing it as it might be asked in an exam.