Part of a collage made from a local magazine with various languages found in it

Living and growing up in SE Asia, we are exposed to multiple languages at the Learning Lab. Both of my children attended local kindergarten and primary school while we did homeschooling focussing in English and Maths. They attended local school part time and eventually made the switch to full time homeschooling.  Local schooling gave exposed them to priceless exposure to local language and social skills.

Both have expressed desires to learn various languages.  When being a spy was one of their ambitions, one wanted to learn Mandarin and the other wanted to learn Mandarin, Spanish, Italian and German. They certainly have not been put off by language learning.

We have also experimented with learning German using the App Duolingo. We found the App easy to use and sufficiently motivating.  It’s wonderful to see a few more language learning Apps. Check this out.

Language learning broadens a child’s perspectives and equips them for a world that is increasingly interconnected. It’s not just about translating meaning. It’s about knowing how to transmit and interpret meaning meaningfully.

Recent research show that learning a second language has benefits for adults too. Click here to watch a short video clip. Check out this article to read about bilingualism.