We love poems at The Learning Lab. Rhymes and Rhythms were after part and parcel of their daily ‘playlist’ as they heard me sing Nursery Rhymes as we went about our daily activity.

Part of their daily screen time then was 20 minutes of video watching. The Tweenies were one of my oldest’s favourite – something he cringes about now.

Alliteration and assonance; commonly used by Poets, was something my children were exposed to rather early on. The characters in Francesca Simon’s book series -Horrid Henry were extremely helpful in helping them grasp this aspect. Not only were the characters given names with an adjective of the same letter as the first letter in their names; but they were memorable.

imageWe have studied various poems of various forms together over the years, thanks to the excellent range of resources which we were part of our homeschool curriculum. Something I am grateful for as I certainly do not have the skills to teach poetry. Having someone plan, source and do the necessary creative scaffolding to teach poetry within the English course; is a huge help. It has given my children with the exposure to appreciate poetry.

I came across fascinating TEDEx talk by an inspiring poet, Harry Baker.

To celebrate I thought we would share this wonderful Ted Talk we watched a couple of times.

Click here if like me, could do with some guidance on helping children write a poem.