During our Art lesson at the Learning Lab yesterday we used the photocopier option on our printer, some paints and paintbrushes.

imageAs we did that, I had a flashback of being in my primary school watching the clerk make copies of our test papers on the cumbersome psyclostyling machine turning the handle round and seeing the machine print our papers.  Times have certainly changed.  I distinctly remember the distinct smell of the ink and paper  smell  in the
and the smile on her face as I hanged around to chat as she did her work.

Machines in schools and in education has changed.  My children Skpye with their friends from another country during break time, watch the BrainPop video for the day  or  a TED Talk and send off their assignments  in PDF format and get thorough feedback within 5 working days.

Though technology  may have changed, the need for Social and Emotional Learning(SEL) is even greater as our world becomes increasingly integrated. The following report based on a global survey by the Boston Consulting Group shines some light onto issues which everyone involved in education needs to consider if we are concerned about preparing kids for their future. Click here