I believe in education. School, Unschool, Home School, Home Education….
There is no one size fits all solution.

Although we have chosen to homeschool our kids, we still believe that schools as an institution meet a very real need in society. Not everyone is able to choose this option.

We have had ‘honourary’ students at Learning Lab.  One pair of kids from a single parent family and another child who has a terminal illness.

I was not homeschooled. My parents grew up during WW2 so they did not have a chance to go to school themselves. They had the foresight to send me to a good school. I don’t remember the lessons as much as the dedicated teachers who interacted with us and demonstrated they believed in our potential.

Every child has potential. We (Parents, Educators,Writers, Policy Makers, Citizens….) have to cease believing in the Myth of Average. Listen to this former high school dropout  who now teaches at Harvard. If we all did our part then maybe we would see fewer disillusioned youths taking up drugs, perhaps we would see more dedicated leaders or possibly more ethical entrpreneurs…..