I have always loved drawing. As a child, I did not have many books but there were always pencil and paper in the house. I even wanted to be a cartoonist. I taught myself how to draw my favourite cartoon character Fred Flinstone n his ever patient wife Wilma. I could copy but not create cartoons. Perhaps that is one reason why I did not become a cartoonist.

We love art at The Learning Lab. It is a possibility that both or one of the kids will take Art an IGCSE subject.  As a great believer in enjoying the process of learning, we have always had Art as an a lesson during the week, though we do skip it now and again.

I found this site excellent site for ideas and inspiration. Bottom left is a page from their site. The piece on the right is a piece of work done by J and me during our Art Lesson this week.

I may not have become an artist but I remember the hours of pleasure just moving the pencil on the paper. I am enjoying my children’s journey of discovering the joys of creating.

If you are looking for simpler art activities for older children check out this page on the site.

For younger children, check out this resourceful site. There are some good free resource.